Learn about the history of your energy.
Connect more deeply to yourself and your inner wisdom.
Discover your unique path to happiness and health.

Guided Insight

As graduates of Columbia University‘s Masters Program in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Spirituality Mind, Body, we have discovered insight through research. For example, spirituality can be as effective as Prozac in producing changes in the brain. The Guided Integration model has been created to reflect this new paradigm shift towards holistic healing. Through the lens of therapeutic consultation, we connect insight, intuition, and inspiration to reveal our highest selves.

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Guided Intuition

Connecting to our inner guidance is an ability that we all share. The field of energy which exists around each human and the space between all humans carries in it lifetimes of wisdom. Further, studies have shown that we can “tune in,” connect to deceased loved ones and send healing energy toward others, in proximity or at a distance. Guided Integration can assist you in harnessing your intuitive abilities as a tool for a better human experience.

Guided Inspiration


Time Zones

Guided Integration utilizes an online platform and open access to anyone, anywhere.


Professional Guides

We are both experienced intuitives trained in Clinical Psychology and Spirituality, Mind, Body


No experience necessary

If you are experiencing challenges, interested in expanding your consciousness, or both!


Available packages

We offer a range of cost-effective packages, for example; individuals, couples, and small groups

Your Integration Guides


Lauren Chapman

I wish to empower people to embrace their physical lessons by understanding challenges from their soul’s perspective. Inspiring them to become aware of their energy bodies and learning to listen.


Peri Zarrella

Each of us is on our own path in discovering personal alignment and connection. I guide people to tune into their energetic fields and frequencies, and the channel that connects them to universal energy.

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