Wedding Anniversary #29

Wedding Anniversary #29

By Pam Zarrella

February in New York is notoriously mind numbing; an entire month that can literally feel frozen in time. Well after the New Year’s resolutions have worn off, my diet tonic has turned back into Chardonnay. It’s February, I rationalize, this is no time for tonic.

29 years ago

29 years ago, February was in fact, the inspiration for our wedding day. No one has plans in February! Sure enough, on February 24th everyone on our guest list made it, even though it snowed, and it was awesome. Then we escaped to a warm and sunny honeymoon destination. Genius!

22 years ago

22 years ago on February 24th, special plans were in order for our anniversary: our son was born. And so, in the vast expanse of empty February days on my calendar, there is one crammed little box that shares Drew’s birthday and our anniversary. “Happy Anniversary”, we’d say, smiling across the table from each other every year as we handed out birthday cake to a cute yet boisterous bunch of boys.

grilled cheese love

Our funny anniversary has come to represent how we love each other: whenever, wherever, and without grandiose plans and fanfare. We celebrate our love over grilled cheese sandwiches (with a salad because we’re health nuts, but with blue cheese dressing because it’s the weekend) in front of a fire, listening to old songs and remembering or making up the words as we sing along.

February has undergone a mindfulness makeover. Leaning into the long, cold winter nights, we savor being stuck inside. Sitting side-by-side in front of a fire, talking, laughing, eating, and singing is soulful and not to be taken for granted.

Am I a cheap date? It would appear so. Am I lazy/getting old? For sure. Am I in love with my husband because he makes the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich? It’s … it’s true. However, if you are looking for a love story in February that does not mention Valentine’s Day even once, then you’re welcome.

Happy birthday Drew!