Manifesting Love Connections

Manifesting Love Connections

By Lauren Chapman

Items you may want:

    • Something to write with
    • A candle
    • A blanket or mat on the floor


Manifesting is the process of working with our energy first, to create a desired experience. From here our desired experience will integrate into our human experience and invite necessary shifts to occur. Our physical/mental experience of love can be tangled in our belief sets, some positive and other detrimental. Working with our energy first allows us to draw in what our heart truly desires not our “patterns.”

In this experiential exercise, we are going to work on manifesting love through your felt experience (body and heart). This will require you to focus on what you wish to feel in relationship to this person.

Manifesting Love Meditation:

  • Come to a seated position
  • Place one hand on your heart and bring your mental awareness to your heart
  • Feeling your heart beat and your breath (5 full breath cycles)
  • Gently bring to mind something you love
  • Focus on how this love feels
  • Allow the feeling of love to wash over you and then float away.
  • Then focusing on how you want to feel in a love relationship, write down whatever comes to you.
  • Next focus on, how this person feels to you, write down whatever comes to mind.
  • Then how does the relationship between you feel, write down whatever comes to mind.
  • Take a final moment to allow any other felt experiences to come forward, write them down
  • When you feel complete with the exercise, close out your practice, by taking your hands to your heart and feeling the love between you two. 
  • Ending with a bow, a word or a smile.
  • Tuck that little piece of paper away
  • Carry on and trust this will all unfold
    *note* If you are already in a love relationship and want to shift a dynamic, then use this exercise in relationship with your partner and focus on your desired shift.


> Below is a Guided Integration Meditation video if you prefer to be lead through the experience.


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