Take the intuitive nutrition test!

Take the intuitive nutrition test!

Intuitive Self-Care: Nutrition

I am on a quest to experiment with intuition. I am focused on various aspects of everyday life and how intuition can play a role, if and when we remember to use it! This intuitive experiment involves listening to what nutrients our bodies are naturally calling for. The average grocery list would reflect that we have lost our inner intuitive eater. Life can be busy, so convenience and comfort are on the menu. I get that, but if you are so inclined, here’s my challenge:

Part A: Intuitive Shopping

1.Throw out the grocery list.

Helpful hint: This also works when you forget the grocery list, which was the initial inspiration here.

2. Walk the produce section of your grocery store.

Keeping your mind clear yet focused, stroll around the fruits and vegetables and let your body take you to whatever type of nutrition it’s calling for.

3. Assess what’s in your cart!

I was immediately drawn to cabbage and beets. When I researched the nutritional values, I couldn’t believe the benefits.


Cabbage is a winter vegetable that has been grown around the world for thousands of years. As it is March that I am writing this, I wonder if it’s written in our ancestral DNA to innately choose foods with nutrients that are seasonally available.

  • A single cup of cabbage has 85% of your daily requirement for vitamin C, 42% of vitamin K, and 20% of vitamin A. It’s also a great source of fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, and manganese, folate, iron and riboflavin. All of this works to:
  • protect against heart disease
  • add antioxidant-rich/cancer-fighting properties
  • protect against vision loss
  • energize the metabolism and functioning of the nervous system
  • fight inflammation
  • improve digestion
  • lower blood pressure


    Slightly embarrassing fact about beets that (I swear!) I just discovered: Beets have long been considered an aphrodisiac in many cultures. Ancient Romans believed that beets promoted amorous feelings. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, ate beets to enhance her appeal.

    True Fact about beets: 

    Beets are a natural source of tryptophan and betaine, both substances that promote a feeling of well-being. They also contain high amounts of boron, a trace mineral which increases the level of sex hormones in the human body. Aphrodite knew her sh#t.

Part B: Intuitive Eating

I learned a very clever intuitive eating trick.

When you are hungry and choosing what to eat, think of how it will make you feel after you’ve eaten it. Just think of that food, and very subtly (or very clearly!) you will get a message back.

For instance, when I think of eating Cape Cod potato chips (omg yasss!) My stomach and intestines roll their eyes at each other and then I suddenly feel crampy. Mind you, this is just looking at the bag.

When I think of the things my body likes: Oatmeal, Hummus and vegetables, etc. … my body has a light and energetic response, kind of like a puppy with a treat.

Right now it is spring and guess what? I can’t get enough sugar snap peas. I eat them raw every day … with broccoli and hummus because I want my body to like me.