About Us

Guided Integration is more important now than ever before.

Uncovering a deeper understanding of yourself through insight and intuition will inspire your unique journey to happiness and health.


At Guided Integration, we have developed an innovative therapeutic model which derives from each client’s individual energy and experiences. These two interactive elements provide the intuitive messages and guidance required to build a personalized integration plan. This plan co-developed with our clients evolves alongside their existing and emerging energies and experiences. During this ongoing progression, we listen, receive, process and share our guided intuition and knowledge, facilitating growth, healing and integration.

About Us

At Guided Integration our therapeutic model provides guidance to our clients navigating emotional challenges, including depression, anxiety and grief, mental blocks, physical ailments or spiritual isolation. Our model is designed to connect clients to their essence – or often referred to as core, heart, soul or spirit. As a physical experience, clients begin to recognize their essence in moments of grace, through the appearance of synchronicities and alignments or when they feel most like themselves when relating with others. In a physical sense, our essence is considered the core of our energetic body and it flows along our spinal column, connecting into the earth at our feet and to the universe at our crown.

The essence of our physical body is fused with the universe it is our nature from birth and extends beyond death. Physical connection with our essence creates a stable foundation from which we can intimately interact with our life through understanding our behavioral patterns that cause us to stray from our true self. Because our essence and the universe is energy-based, when we align into ourselves, a powerful connection is created. This connection allows us to reflect upon our experiences through an enhanced lens and helps to clarify our greater lessons. The more time we spend strengthening the connection to our essence, the more we lean in to our path, embrace our experiences with grace and utilize our intuition as a tool to support and guide us through life.

How Guided Integration Works

We use our intuition to tune-in to the energetic experiences of our clients. This allows us to understand them from a holistic perspective, including energy, body and mind. We allow our clients’ current energy and experiences to guide us and together we navigate a path to their ideal outcome. Life along with healing and growth can be a joyful and smooth ride but life also can lead us through a jagged section with steep turns and pitfalls. As our clients’ connect to their essence, they heighten their inner guidance and find internal stability regardless of their external circumstances. Our clients are better equipped to navigate their lives with a strengthened connection to their intuition and the confidence to allow their passion to guide their path.


Our main goals at Guided Integration include encouraging clients to:

  • Pursue empowerment and security in owning and understanding their true and entire selves
  • Discover unique connection points with universal energy and experience life’s ebbs and flows with humility, gratitude and grace.
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About Lauren

Lauren Chapman is an energy healer, intuitive medium, soul reader and therapeutic consultant. She hold’s a master’s degree from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology and Education, and a bachelor’s degree from Dalhousie University in Biology and Psychology.


Lauren is a registered yoga teacher trained in hatha and yin yoga, as well as a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner. She has been practicing intuitive energy work for the past 5 years.


Lauren has a passion for scientific research and understanding human beings on a fundamental level. This passion led her to a spiritual journey which opened her eyes to how life changing intuitive energy work can be for people looking to heal.


Her background in science and love of spirituality has led to a desire to ground intuitive work in a therapeutic setting. She has a special interest in helping people connect to their essence, listen to their intuitive guidance and align with their journey.


“Grounding ourselves in our personal wisdom and understanding our energy body is a healing journey.”

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About Peri

Peri Zarrella is an energy healer, intuitive, psychic medium, and therapeutic consultant. She holds a master’s degree from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology and Education, and was Managing Director of the Columbia University graduate program, Spirituality Mind Body Institute. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Lesley University in Holistic Psychology.


Peri has been a psychic and intuitive following a near-death experience as a child, and has appeared on A&E’s Psychic Kids. Using her innate understanding of energy, she became a certified Usui Reiki Master, and has helped heal children and adults for over 10 years.


Peri is a lead organizer/facilitator for the Hearing Voices Network. This global initiative “helps men, women, and children who have experiences of voice hearing, visions, tactile sensations who are seeking to understand, learn and grow from them in their own way”.


Her education, experience, and passion is to help others, with a special interest in kids and their families, to live with, navigate and find meaning in their own psychic and intuitive experiences. To learn more about Peri, visit perinormal.org


“I believe that my life’s work is to help heal others on a multitude of levels in both our human and energetic forms, and to raise awareness that we all have this ability within.”

Jess Cherry Bio

About Jess

Jess cherry is a navigator of the wild mind and heart, meditation practitioner, poet-farmer, dream worker, and therapeutic consultant. He holds a master’s degree from Naropa University in Transpersonal Ecopsychology and a bachelor’s degree from Lesley University in Holistic Psychology with a specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy. He is a prospective student at Pacifica Graduate Institute for a doctorate in Depth Psychology, Jungian and Archetypal Studies. 


Jess grows organic vegetables and seed in the North Quabbin region of Massachusetts with his partner and child. There he integrates his mindfulness practice with various healing modalities including earth-body connection and dreamwork. He has facilitated dream circles and individuals with an open inquiry system to uncover the deeper meaning of the narrative and symbols of their dreams. 


Jess emphasizes the importance of the earth in the context of one’s wholeness, spirituality, and healing. He suggests that the ground of being is a rooted, earthly presence and by awakening the sensuous, animal body and communing with Nature, one can step surefooted on their path. jess wishes to be a bridge to this vital understanding of reality. He has a specific intention to hold space for the processing of the rapidly changing environment.

About Pam

As a marketing creative director, designer and copywriter, one of Pam’s unique abilities is to create form out of energy. Pam has been inspired to translate a person’s innate purpose so that they may step into their passions as their life’s work. Pam specializes in intuitive brand storytelling across all media. Her client experience has crossed the globe for over 20 years.


Pam has developed marketing for healing arts and therapies, health & wellness, as well as spa & beauty products and services. She creates a unique brand voice through print and digital marketing, including responsive websites, so that we may all follow our calling. 


Learn more about Pam’s intuitive marketing for health & wellness as well as other client initiatives.


“I have a passion for bridging awareness between those in the healing professions and the many whose lives are waiting to be lifted through their gifts, skills, tools, and life calling.”

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